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Okenna Gerrard
At Night I Pray for My Master To Take Me…
Mistress of the Underworld

On my throne I sit at night, my ears fill with many pleas,
only one cry peaks my interest... the mistress.

I hear their prays, their offers every night, so many just waste my time,
but the mistress, she owns my attention.

At night upon her bed naked, waiting for me, offering herself unto me,
she possess no idea of what command she has over this dark prince.

I enter her room like a scent in the wind,
I pass over her and touch her, but she knows not why she stirs.

My forked tongue crosses, her neck, her lips, her nipples, her stomach, now I know her.
Naked, she writhes under my touch, my kiss.

Her taste, her touch, her scent, possess my mind,
did I come here to claim her, or was it her trap that was sprung.

Her teeth and nails draw blood,
across her lips, down her throat, the taste resides.

I want her, I need her, fallen under her spell,
beside me she must sit. together we'll sail

Her lust, her evil, there needed, a must,
only this sacrament with her, ever will I trust.


Orator 1
Lush 2
Kseries 2 2

Rowland Kingsley


I CLose mY EYes & DrIfT InTo An ExIsTence Known OnLY To Me.

LIngerIng Onward DreamILY
In An EvenIng Of JuLY.

WIshes In HearT ThaT NesTLe Near,
Eager EYes and WILLIng Ears,
BeneaTh SwaYIng WILLow I CuddLe PaIn In The ComforT Of mY PILLow,
Drawn To The CIrcLe aT 400 Degrees, SLIdIng Deeper InTo The ShaLLows EverYdaY, FaLLIng InTo mY HoLLow.

Long PaLed SunnY SkY:
Echoes Fade & MemorIes DIe:
AuTumn FrosTs Have SLaIn JuLY.

A RIch HearT Under a Poor CoaT

In a WonderLand I LIe,
DreamIng As The DaYs Go BY,
DreamIng As The Summers DIe:

Ever DrIftIng Down The STream
LIngerIng In The GoLden GLeam, I WILL ALwaYs Remember You As a BeauTIfuL Dream.

LeT Me Roam & FInd mY Corpse
I WILL ALwaYs SnIff mY WaY Back Home

DrIfTIng DrIfTIng LIke a ShIp LosT aT Sea.

So Far So Near BuT STILL NoThIng To See.
LosT & FuLL Of EmoTIons,
Sadden BY The SILence...

LeT Me Roam, I'll SnIff mY WaY Back Home.


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Lyrical Junior 1

Adejoh Barry-Junior Ibn-Idakwo

Just like You
I am guilty....

I have danced in the mud of greed
And now I am filthy.

I have turned a blind eye
To the cry of a brother

I have kept silent and watched a Good man Die....

I sat there nodding my head instead of screaming "you Lie"
To the men who climb the stage and fool many others.

Just like you
I am no different from a robber,
No wiser than a misguided suicide Bomber,
No holier than a molesting teacher..

For we all swim in the same River...
Letting it drown another

As long as another doesn't look like father
Or sister...

Like you I have seen a lot of wrongs of which I didn't speak and now I forever hold my peace.

Same way
The whole world held their peace
And that's why we live in wa



Andrew Patience


Who are you?
Were the words that poped out of his mysterious voice,
Solacing in a narrow broadway,
Racing to doom,
In a suden rush came the red traffic that spelt STOP.
In the Spirit of the female goddess be free!
In the spirit of this wench be loosed!

Gasping for air,
Climaxing to never return,
Wishful thoughts wandering to and fro,
Dreading its end,
For tomorrow may never smile.

The step ahead stares in dismay,
Causing a mayhemic scene of tomorrow,
The little ones whisper,
In a sailient mournful cry they hope for my return,
Husbands dead and gone,
And her only faith lies in oblivion.
Tomorrow is a puzzle, and for that,
Tomorrow may never smile.

Insouled in alonness,
Wrapped in suspended isolation,
Met and chatted with a recluse on my way to no where,
Mated and now have today as my only offspiring.
But its reality makes me fear,
Tomorrow may never smile.

Creating a match with a narrowed instinct and romancing my poetic muse to come to fruition of tomorrows failed erection.
Awww call it confusion if u may,
But my reason transcends Jordan,Egypt and even your head.
I may call it effigies in the house of poetry,
I fear tomorrow may never jump,
May never rise or try,
In probability of its fate, I know,
Tomorrow may never smile.


Danny El Gentledan

Truth is bitter....

The tongue that taste..
The leaf of truth..
Proclaims its hate..
For nature's brute..

It hurts the heart..
That does evil..
It tears apart..

That veiled evil...

Hidden in dust..
Forged with lies..
To make it just..
On every eyes..

It makes the wrong..
Sing the dead song..
Of shamed reproof..
On every roof..

With seeming blue..
It works on you..
It heals with time..
And kills the vine...

Of lies, deceit..
That tends to eat..
The conscious meat..
That rebuffs sin..

And though bitter..
It works like charm..
Makes u glitter..
Devoid of harm..

True lies are sweet..
Like poisoned meat..
Its said with ease..
Formed with the tease..

That knocks reason..
A make-believe..
That lasts only..
For a season...

And in the end..
Truth wins the game..
Lies burn, with deep marks..
That ne'r leaves...

.....You; The same.'S CHILDREN
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